Classics Collection

Classics Collection: Nurikabe

Hi folks, and a Happy New Year!
Last time I promised you new puzzles. And here it is, the first part of my new “Classics Collection”: Nurikabe
This group consists of 12 Standard Nurikabe puzzles. You are of course welcome to jump right in and start solving. But since this is meant for beginners as well (as announced in my first post), I will give some hints for this puzzle type below.



Hi folks,
this blog is back alive! Well, let me clarify. There used to be an older blog version under the same URL, the contents of which are stored on my hard drive and are no longer available to the public. When I write “Reopening”, I mean that I will post new contents, but I have currently no plans to dig out the old stuff. My puzzle activities have changed somewhat over the years, and so has this blog.