Contest Announcement

Five sets of our Classics Collection, of 12 puzzles each, lie behind us. We will have a break now, and instead of a sixth group there will be an online contest next. That contest will be hosted on the website of the German puzzle community Logic Masters. The exact date is not fixed yet; it will probably take place around the end of the month. More details will follow soon.

When I (re-)started this blog in January, I mentioned the thought of supplying basic standard puzzles in order to attract new puzzle friends. The Classics Collection was a first step in this direction, and the contest follows up on it. It will be a Beginners Contest, consisting of mostly easy puzzles, suitable for solvers with less experience than, say, WPC participants.

With most of the world in the grip of Corona, it is no surprise that the puzzle world is affected as well. The recent German Sudoku Championship had to be held as an online event, the German Puzzle Championship hangs in the balance. The WSPC 2020 which was supposed to take place in Shanghai in October has been officially postponed. My guess is that the virus also takes its toll on puzzle events in many other countries.

Fortunately, online puzzle activities can persist in these difficult times. And who knows, maybe there are even some people out there with only a faint interest in Sudokus or other logical puzzles in the past, who can now be captured by the thrill of puzzle-solving (competitive or otherwise), people we can win for our community? We cannot know, but it is worth trying. There is no certainty, only opportunity.

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