Classics Collection

Classics Collection: Skyscrapers

It turns out that I currently don’t have the time to write articles on a weekly schedule, and I am thus trying to post only every other week. In fact I was afraid I might not manage to publish this post in time either because many things are happening around me, but here you are. This is the seventh part of our Classics Collection series, and it is about Skyscrapers.


Selection Puzzles

Lately I have been thinking about logical puzzle types that are entirely different from the ones we encounter every day. More precisely, I was not just looking for isolated puzzles that are somehow special, or for new sets of rules and rule combinations, but for categories of puzzles which are based on “tasks” we have not seen before. It so happens that I have a few ideas for puzzles without grids, but when it comes to grid puzzles, it often appears that there is nothing left to discover.