Taking stock

Hi folks,
it is time for another post. Sorry, I have no new puzzlework to present. Instead, I would like to have a look at past puzzles I have designed. I just had a couple of free days to spare, and I took the opportunity to go over as much of my old puzzle material as I could find.

Classics Collection

Classics Collection: Battleships

This is the ninth part of our puzzle series. There will probably be another Beginners Contest after part 10, but I cannot give you any details yet. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the 12 puzzles from the PDF file. I am not a big fan of Battleship puzzles, but then, this is one of the most “classic” puzzle styles I can think of, and certainly one of the most established Placement Puzzle types (with object spanning more than one cell), so it deserves its place in the Classics Collection.