Classics Collection

Classics Collection: Tents

Hi folks,
even if it’s a tad early, a Happy New Year to all of you! 2020 has been a unique year for most of us, but since there are already many retrospective articles around (and I have posted a look back some time ago), let me just say that I intend to continue doing what I do on my website and this blog in 2021. One prime element of my current puzzle activities is the Classics Collection, so this is definitely something I want to keep alive. Here is the first group of the new year: Tents

Composite Puzzles

Composite Puzzles: Skyscrapers with Matching Cells

This is another post about “Composite Puzzles”. It features a Skyscrapers variant I call “Matching Cells”. At this point I should probably clarify that the series is not supposed to be about Skyscrapers only, but since the substance of the variant can be viewed as a generalization of the one from the previous article, I am taking the liberty of publishing a few more puzzles of this style which used to be my favorite for many years.