Contest Announcement

Hi folks,
this is just a short post announcing the third Beginners Contest which will be hosted on the Logic Masters website on May 28-31. The five puzzle styles featured in this contest are the most recent five styles from the Classics Collection: Tents, Masyu, Tapa, Easy as ABC, and Kakuro. The contest is open to everyone, although I tried to design the puzzles suitable for beginner level. I am looking forward to your participation.

Regarding difficulty: After some reflection, I feel that the gap between the easy puzzles and the hard ones – these terms must of course be viewed in the context of a Beginners contest – is bigger than in the previous contests of this type, which is why one of the puzzles is worth only 5 points and another goes for 60 points (I usually try to keep them between 10 and 50 points). In general, I consider it very trying to come up with puzzles that are fairly easy, yet not boring. I may have misjudged the relative difficulty, of course.

As a side note, there is a nice Masyu contest on the UKPA website taking place right this moment (the contest is still running until tomorrow night). This is the second contest in 2021 designed by David McNeill, and he is a great puzzle author in every respect. I have never consider myself a big Masyu fan, but this was fun – if you have the time, I can definitely recommend it.

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