Contest Announcement

I have set up the next Beginners Contest on the Logic Masters Germany website. It will take place in two weeks and covers the five most recent puzzle styles from the Classics Collection. As usual, the difficulty of the puzzles will be such that advanced solvers are not strongly challenged; the main idea of the event is to attract less experienced puzzle friends.

It is not easy to design puzzles suitable for a considerably lower experience level, and I have no idea if I have hit the mark this time. For reasons which I have given time and again (on this blog and elsewhere), I will keep trying, though. It is actually somewhat relaxing, especially since I feel that my competitive skill level is slowly declining anyway.

I do not intend to abandon harder puzzles entirely. As I see it, easy puzzles are about putting basic solving techniques into nice instructive patterns, hard puzzles are about designing complicated and rare constellations, and I believe there lies a beautiful balance between the two which we should strive to preserve.

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