Classics Collection

Classics Collection: Blackout Dominoes

Here is the next group in our Classics Collection. Actually, the next puzzle style was supposed to be a simple Domino Search, but Ulrich convinced me that it would be a bit too dull even for a beginners series, so we decided to do Blackout Dominoes instead. This may sound like a weird choice because they do not come up that often in contests, hence one could wonder if they belong in our series at all.


Get hexed

Just a short post, and this time I mean it; a little advertising, that’s all. The Classics Collection consists of more than 20 puzzle sets by now, and even though they cover a wide range of basic puzzle styles, they are all limited in one regard: they live on standard square cell grids. But the world of logical puzzles has a lot more to offer – puzzles on all sorts of grids, regular or irregular, not to mention the considerable variety of non-grid-related puzzles.