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Just a short post, and this time I mean it; a little advertising, that’s all. The Classics Collection consists of more than 20 puzzle sets by now, and even though they cover a wide range of basic puzzle styles, they are all limited in one regard: they live on standard square cell grids. But the world of logical puzzles has a lot more to offer – puzzles on all sorts of grids, regular or irregular, not to mention the considerable variety of non-grid-related puzzles.

I have designed a small bunch of puzzles on other grids – hexagonal ones, to be precise. This is still not quite the full spectrum, but it feels like a decent start. The puzzle instructions are the same as for the respective styles on square cell grids (or reasonable approximations, whenever the geometry is relevant). And I have made an effort to design at least some of the puzzles suitable for beginners, in accordance with the CC spirit.

The only snag: you will have to find the puzzles first. There is a new section on my website labelled “Hex Maze”, and I have hidden them in there. (Yes, I could have made the puzzles available in a more straightforward manner, but I wanted to have some fun in the process.) The idea is to extend this project to other grid types at some point. I find it difficult to plan these things ahead, though, hence once again I will make no promises.

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I’ve been going through this tonight, and I think the larger of the Railroads puzzles has no solutions? I put in what I thought was most likely intended into PuzzleCheck, and it was marked correct.
Specifically (in rot13) gur gbc evtug pna jbex vs gurer’f n ubevmbagny naq GE/OY pebffvat va “ebj gjb, pbyhza svir”, be vs gur ybbc ivfvgf sbhe naq svir va gur jebat beqre ng gur irel raq. V ernpurq guvf pbagenqvpgvba guerr gvzrf, svefg vaghvgviryl onfrq ba gur gbcbybtl, gura evtbebhfyl gjvpr.

Aside from that hitch, which could be my fault, I enjoyed this- even if having to scour the maze was a bit awkward.

Thanks, Jeffrey. You are right, there was an error in the large Railroads sheet. I had the correct version on my hard drive, must have uploaded the wrong file… 🙁

Sorry about that! It should be fixed now. Glad you enjoyed the puzzles anyway.

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